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Northside Baptist Church History 

                Brother M. E. Wyles, Bartholomew Baptist Association Missionary, and Brother Rolla Nixon, Pastor of Second Baptist Church, Monticello, felt the need of a mission on the North side of Monticello.  The Sunday School teachers from the Second Baptist Church also taught at the mission.


                Mr. M. F. Wright allowed us to use a run down house in his pasture.  The partition walls were removed to have enough room for an assembly.  We sat on boards that were placed on blocks.  They were low, had no backs, and were very uncomfortable.  In spite of the inconvenience, the Sunday School grew. 


                Brother Nixon would bring his guitar along for music.  Later, we began to have night services.  No one would be in a hurry to leave.  We would stat and sing until Mrs. Nixon would say, “It’s time to say good night.”  We had no electricity, so some ladies would bring kerosene lamps.  These gave us some light on our way home.  Most everyone walked to church.  Twice a week Roberta Bates would clean the building.


                These were war times, and the Lord was very real to us.  About this time, Brother Joe Worbington felt the call to surrender his life to full time service to the Lord.  He quit his job and came home.  He became Sunday School Superintendent and it was in the Mission he preached his first sermon.  As the Mission grew, we began to talk organizing a church.  Brother Nixon had left Second Baptist Church and Brother G.H. Ussery was their pastor.  He was not in favor of organizing another Baptist church in our little city.  In his opinion, it would only rob the two that were here.  We did not give up, and on September 22, 1944, in the home of Mr. and Mrs. M.S. Shiron, the Northside Baptist Church was organized with eight charter members.  They were: Roberta Bates, Clara Donham, Mrs. Louis Montgomery, Mrs. Zed Sawyer, Mary Sawyer, Alice Rose Sawyer, and Mr. & Mrs. M. S. Sheiron.  Those assisting in the organizing were: Brother Joe Worbington, Tom Barnes, H.C. Barnes, G.H. Ussery, Frank Carpenter, and J.H. Tate.


                Brother Joe Worbington was called as our first Pastor and served for more than ten years.  The land where the church now stands was purchased from Mr. M.S. Sheiron.  He was in the sawmill business.  He gave the lumber for the foundation of our first building.  He cut the rough lumber for us. 


                Under the supervision of Brother Joe, the building was built mostly by the members.  We were so happy to have a better place and more space.  Even the wood burning heater with the pipe through the window looked good by comparison to the Mission building.


                We were few in number and no one had much money.  Brother Joe was called for half time service.  Knowing a church does not progress well on half time, one of the members asked him if he would preach the other Sundays free.  He agreed and we became a church with a full time Pastor on half time pay at a rate of $15.00 for two weeks.  The Lord blessed his work and new members were added at almost every service.  There was always some work that needed to be done, so the men would organize a working.  The ladies would prepare food and we had hours of good fellowship on these occasions.  We were in need of an educational building, so Brother Joe located a building that could be bought and torn down.  The lumber was used to build the educational building.  It was this building we used until our present one was built in 1957.


Courtesy of Mrs. Barta Montgomery



Rev. Joe Worbington                                                              09-22-44 thru 3-28-54

Rev. J.P. Burgess                                                                    04-04-54 thru 2-1-56

Rev. Robert Howie                                                                 04-18-56 thru 2-21-60

Rev. John Noble                                                                    03-20-60 thru 10-2-60

Rev. Robert Dottley                                                                11-06-60 thru 12-10-61

Rev. Edward Elrod                                                                 04-12-62 thru 10-2-67

Rev. Joel Moody                                                                    03-03-68 thru 6-11-72

Rev. James Hickman                                                               08-06-72 thru 6-3-90

Rev. David Ray                                                                      04-14-91 thru 8-9-92

Rev. Steve Harrelson                                                              12-05-93 thru 6-1-97

Rev. Fred Tuberville                                                                11-09-97 thru 8-13-2000

Rev. Charles Calhoun                                                             06-10-01 thru 8-1-04 

Rev. Sanders Brooks                                                               01-02-05 thru 3-29-2020