Our Doctrinal Statement


     We believe In one God who exists eternally In three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

     We believe that Jesus Christ was born of the Virgin Mary, lived a sinless life; that human beings are born in sin and chose to sin. People are forgiven and receive eternal life only through repenting and believing that Christ died for our sins.

     We believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins; that He was buried and was resurrected from the grave bodily, and ascended into Heaven, and is there at the right hand of God the Father as the believer's High Priest and Advocate. He will return to earth in person and every knee shall bow before Him as Lord.

     We believe In the bodily resurrection of all the dead, the saved to eternal life and the lost to eternal punishment.

     We believe in the Holy Spirit's indwelling believers and enabling them to obey God's will, and in the spiritual unity of the believers in Christ.

We further believe that all Christians should seek to win others to Christ, and that the Gospel must be preached and taught so people may come to Him.